Fixing HP iLO jvm problem to open remote console

I’ve installed Sun Java JDK in my Debian, and linked jdk/jre/lib/amd64/ lib to google chrome plugins dir. So I needed to connect into a remote console of HP iLo.

While jvm was loading the remote console, an error was ocurred and the initial loading was stopped. To fix this problem is really simple and we have two ways:

First Option

Disable ipv6 bind at /etc/sysctl.d/bindv6only.conf. To disable this property just change the value 1 to 0. After do that run the command below as root user:

# sysctl -p /etc/sysclt.d/bindv6only.conf

Restart your navigator.

Second Option

You can disable jvm ipv6 reading directly into the file ~/.java/deployment/ Just open the file and add this setting:\=true

And now, that’s ok. You’re done to use your HP iLo without troubles. Good luck.


4 thoughts on “Fixing HP iLO jvm problem to open remote console

  1. Youll be interested to know that the G7 blade’s iLO absolutely cannot work with a 64bit JRE regardless of the linux

    This is because for some strange reason, HP has included a binary file which is 32bit. If you open up the java-console, youll see java try to use this file, and then fail miserably when it realises that 32bit != 64bit.

    We are already screaming at HP about this.

  2. iLO fimware is newest 1.51 from 16. jun 2014.
    Every other java applets work fine except iLO’s remote console. It might be different issue though.
    Same outcome with two PC running Mint 16 (32bit) and Mint 17 (64bit)

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