Creating and converting icons to gnome dia – Part I

Before I start, I’d like to say thanks to all people that are using the icons that I made. I confess that I’m surprised with a lot of mails that I’ve been receiving about this project.

I know that there are a lot of guys curious about to convert their icons to shape file format.  So, finally I’m trying to dedicate a time to explain how to do that.

The first thing that we need to think is that shape files are totally limited. During my work to convert these icons I’ve noticed some details about its creation:

  • Do not try to use gradient in shape files. If you need this effect you must construct this using retangular objects in a color scale.
  • The format entitled plain svg by Inskscape has some differences if comparing to shape, an important difference is that colors are referenced by names in svg and referenced by hexadecimal in shape.
  • Depending of the way that the object was made, probably you’ll need to remake this. Some resources used in vetorial applications doesn’t work to shape format.
  • Try not to use lines when you’re drawing an object to be saved in a shape file. Sometimes, I don’t know what happens that the line looses its coordinates. So, use a thin rectangle filled in the color that you want.
  • Do not use outlined objects. If you need an object outlined, you must use two objects in a different size and pick up the lower on the largest. Your largest object is your outline.

To be continued.


New databases icons available for Dia

During the conference “Boteco 4Linux – Pentaho” I saw a network map using the icons that I’ve published. So I noticed that they needed specific network icons to represents databases  servers. They was using a default database icon with the PostgreSQL logo as example. When I arrived home I decided to make these icons to improve the project. Now we have four more icons on the project:

  • IBM DB2 Database Server;
  • PostgreSQL Database Server;
  • Oracle Database Server; and
  • mySQL Database Server.

I asked some friends to submit me a list of icons that can be usefull and necessary in a network scheme, and you’re invited to do the same posting your list here. Next I’ll see the most relevant icons and published them. Take a look at the screenshot below:

New database icons

Please, visit the project page to make the download.