New network icons schema to Gnome Dia

After a lot of time searching some friendly icons to be used in Dia and no results obtained, I decided to face this problem and generate my own icons collection.

I like Gnome Gorilla’s icons style very much, so I decided to convert most of them to Dia. I had to mix some icons to make a new in according its preposition.

I found out on Net the svg2shape.xslt to make the conversion, but many erros came up when I tried to convert an Inkscape plain SVG.

Problems associated with compability was seen. An example about is that a shape file doesn’t accept opacity. Many Gnome icons have opacity and they are constructed using a different structure to be in conformity with Dia. Another problem detected is that shape files don’t accept colors by their names. You can’t use black to describe a black color, only hexadecimals six digits are accepted.

I’ve written a PHP script to read the shape file created by the command xsltproc and make some modifications to correct them. In a future post I can explain better this and post the hard way to get this.

Here you can see a simple result of the conversion and adaptation:

Gnome icons scheme to Dia

Gnome icons schema to Dia

If you liked it, click here to make the icons download. To add this in your Dia you just need to follow the next step:

# cd /usr/share/dia

# cp PATH/rib-network.tar.gz .

# tar zxvf rib-network.tar.gz

If your Dia is started please close this and start it again. So in your combo list choice RIB-Network. Now you can be free to create your Network diagrams with a lot of colors and beauty. 🙂